Running the
Race of Life

Amy's Story

Amy Jensen, a former resident of Estherville, IA, was a spirited young lady filled with love and life. She attended ELC High School and participated in many activities. She was involved in her church, school, and community. Amy loved people, animals, and LIFE. 
After battling leg pain during her high school sports activities, Amy underwent testing and x-rays to find that she had a tumor. The tumor was located just below the knee in her left femur bone. She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 16. 
She started chemotherapy as soon as possible and as aggressive as possible. The tumor did not respond well to the treatments and was not shrinking as much as doctors had hoped. They gave Amy two choices as far as further treatment on her
leg. She had the choice of reconstructive surgery on the bone which meant no more sports or the option of amputation. Amy had a very tough choice
to make but because of her love for running and physical activity and the outlook of each choice she chose amputation. She had her left leg amputated above the knee and was fitted for prosthesis. 
Cancer was then found to be in Amy's lungs after remission for 3 months. Chemotherapy continued for another 3 years along with several lung
surgeries without success. She trialed many new medications and underwent all possible options for chemo and radiation. Amy's cancer eventually spread to her spine and brain. In her last months Amy chose LIFE over further treatments. She enjoyed everything she could with what time she had left. 
With all the struggles and hardships Amy went through in life she discovered how important her relationship with God was. She told her testimony to her church and also to local schools. Amy was passionate about spreading the word and love of God to everyone before she was gone. 
Amy was not scared to die, but scared for others who did not know the LOVE that Jesus has for us. With Amy's death at the age of 19 her story still lives on today through family, friends, and the Annual Team Amy Run. She was an inspiration to so many people and we want to keep her story and inspiration alive. 
The Team Amy Run is a non-profit event organized by Amy's family and friends designed to remind and inspire runners like Amy what really matters in life. The event is held every Mother's Day weekend in downtown Estherville. All proceeds go to deserving local people/organizations to help in times of need and struggle. As Amy would say.....
"Stay Strong"
"I would rather live a short, fulfilled life with God; than a long, empty one without him."-Amy Jensen
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